Enfield RSL Club/IJK Computers – Enfield, NSW

IJK Computers have the right idea. By replacing Enfield RSL with a computer shop, they’ve guaranteed that oldsters looking for the former establishment won’t dare to come inside. It’s like replacing McDonald’s with a gym. Confusing matters is the Christian City Church, which also resides inside (or C3 to their friends, as per their mind-blowing website).

In what seems like surefire talkback radio fodder, even the memorial fountain outside has been removed, and the old RSL sign repurposed as a canvas for IJK’s striking logo. How did Alan Jones not stop this crime against Australia? As wars are fought less frequently and pokies tighten their stranglehold on clubs and pubs, we have to face the reality of a diminishing need for RSL clubs. Who knows, one day IJK may have replaced RSL as a familiar acronym.

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  1. I lived down the road from the RSL during the period when it closed down and became IJK (at the time IJK was called UMart). The repurposed RSL sign actually covers what used to be an “eternal flame” – and while it’s possibly a bit crass to use that as a spot for signage, it’s probably better to have it covered than to leave the disheartening visage of an “eternal flame” that has gone out!

    I don’t know for sure, but I understand that pokies are a big part of the closing of small clubs – larger clubs buy up smaller clubs essentially for the poker machine licenses, then close the club down (the club wouldn’t be financially viable without the pokies anyway). I do find it sad in a way because, regardless of whether there are returning servicemen/women, these clubs are a significant part of their communities – there are fewer and fewer places where particularly older people without lots of money can socialise.

    Great site, by the way! You may also be interested in the defunct Homebush RSL.

  2. I live nearby too. When the RSL first closed down, for a couple of years, I used to walk my children around on Anzac Day and put a flower or two next to the eternal flame. In one way I am glad it is boarded up as the building became commercialised but in another I think it was a shame that Burwood RSL ( nearest branch- very big and rich!) did not ” rent ” the space around the flame and keep it lit so that all those who drive past or are looking out of a bus window still get a little reminder of those who served and those who built the RSL movement in their communities…I feel sad everytime I look at the IJK sign. I might ask them to buy the wall and move it down next to the ww 1 memorial on Coronation Parade…..

  3. Absolute disgraceful!

    Enfield RSL should have never been closed. Another historical part of Enfield swept away.
    The council should have stepped in and kept it open. Or maybe have turned it into a museum / library so school children can be taught how Australian soliders fought and died in foreign lands to keep Australia free and how lucky their families are to live in this beautiful, clean and war free city and country.

    In twenty, thirty or more years time we will be sorry. When all of our traditions are gone and forgotten, our houses demolished and our lands have been handed or sold to developers to build more apartments, funky shopping centres to cater for foreigners with lots of money and to house more and more people who do not care about Australian traditions or values.
    Most foreigners mean well but the majority are only here because their countries are over crowded and are war torn with conflicts.

    I have been born and raised in Sydney by Greek born parents. As a family and as an individual I mixed with all types of people growing up and continue to do so through my job.
    Unfortunately, the bulk of the forgeiners who arrive in Australia do not mix with other nationalities they quickly head to a part of Sydney which has their “own” language speaking people, shops and traditions etc.

    Shame on past and present politicians of all political parties which have allowed this to happen and continue to happen.

    All the best hope one day things will change. I would not hold my breath.

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