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Niche Menswear/Scandals Direct – Dulwich Hill, NSW

The failure of Niche Menswear proves that targeting a niche never works out financially. Scandals Direct have chosen to ignore that lesson, catering to the 1% of the public who demanded the middleman be cut out of their scandals. Niche work if you can get it.

SCANDALOUS UPDATE: According to eagle-eyed and fashion conscious reader Vanessa, it was actually called NICHOLAS Menswear once upon a time. Luckily, if you read my writeup and imagine it says Nicholas instead of Niche, it still works. In this case though, shouldn’t they have called it Manswear?
Thanks, Vanessa!

Denny’s Travel Centre/Nothing – Dulwich Hill, NSW

As you can see, Denny’s Travel Centre at Dulwich Hill looked after ‘all your traveling needs’. Evidently, one of those needs was Denny’s own need to travel to Earlwood, where the business currently resides. This building dates back to at least 1929, and seems to have once featured the same arch window as the building beside it. Whether Denny was the one to brick it up isn’t known, but he did take advantage of more wallspace to apply his indelible mural, without which his legacy would not live on in the area today.

Old Advertising – Dulwich Hill, NSW

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