Pizza Hut/Salvation Army – Liverpool, NSW


If there’s one goal that’s proven consistently hard to achieve, it’s covering up an eat-in Pizza Hut. There seem to be two typical approaches: the first is to make a genuine effort to alter the building and hope no one recognises. It doesn’t always work. The second is to just embrace the hallmarks of the former tenant wholeheartedly, and who better to breathe new life into someone’s sloppy seconds than the Salvos?


Inside, if you can look past the piles of instructional golf videos and copious amounts of Fifty Shades of Grey, it isn’t hard to spot the former Hut infrastructure that hasn’t already been sold off. Heck, someone probably walked away with the original oven for a bargain price, and I’m kicking myself right now that it wasn’t me.


Even the toilets have been put to a more hygienic use (but not by much) as change rooms. And no, I would not count among the highlights of my blogging career standing in the middle of a Salvation Army and taking a photo of its change rooms. It’s all for you, Damien.


When my generation returns to the earth and Pizza Hut’s eat-in legacy is forgotten, will people wonder why these buildings look so odd? Probably not.

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  1. I remember going to this Pizza Hut back in the 90s when I was a child and I had a tantrum because my mother wouldn’t get me the Home Alone colouring book pack that they had on the counter. These days I pass it quite regularly and have often thought of this website.
    A few years back it was permanently set up as a Christmas shop.

  2. does anyone know what year circa 1997-1998 – 1999 this dine in closed ?

    had to be before or 1999 as it never got the referb some of the dine in stores got when the new logo was put in place in 1999 as it still has the red tiles in the kitchen and toilets

  3. It’s a small world, isn’t it..? The photo above was actually the SECOND Pizza Hut in Liverpool, I was in fact the Manager of the FIRST Puzza Hut in Liverpool at 124 – 128 Elizabeth Drive, now (after a number if incarnations). I was appointed as Manager and (being an ex-Navy CPO,) tasked with ‘cleaning up’ it’s image/ operations, or it would be closed… This was back around 1976-77 and we accomplished such a turn-around that it became the highest revenue store in Australia, so successful, in fact, that Pizza Hut built a SECOND Pizza Hut (the one above) on the Hume Highway… I developed a genuine respect and affection for both my staff (‘Hi’ to any ex-Staff seeing this..!) and the people of Liverpool… Very, fond memories of those great days…

  4. To tie down the exact timing of my stint as Licensee/ Manager of the ORIGINAL Liverpool Pizza Hut, it was when PepsiCo bought it, and Staff will remember Pizza Hut changing all of their soda fountains from Coke to Pepsi…! (Bummer..! I also just noticed a typo in my previous posting where I called it ‘the FIRST Puzza Hut in Liverpool’..! Ooops..!)

    1. I for one would like to know more about how Pizza Hut operated back then. When did you leave the company? Were you around for the advent of delivery?

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