Past/Lives Flashback Countdown Repository

Since it took just a little bit longer to get through a seemingly simple top ten than I thought it would, I’ve gathered them all here for the sake of convenience. It was a good chance to go back and flesh out some of the history of these places, and in some cases a great opportunity to continue their stories. Enjoy:

Past/Lives Flashback #10: Butchery No. 1 – Hurstville, NSW 

Past/Lives Flashback #9: Hire One – Hurstville, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #8: Sydney Olympic Park – Homebush, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #7: Rick Damelian – Leichhardt, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #6: Regent Street Station – Chippendale, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #5: The Hartee’s Saga, Part V: Hartee’s Revenge – Manly Vale, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #4: Videomania – Rosebery, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #3: Midnight Star Reception Centre – Homebush, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #2: Platforms 26 & 27, Central Station – Sydney, NSW

Past/Lives Flashback #1: Union Carbide – Rhodes, NSW 

In site news, there’s finally a Facebook page for Past/Lives. ‘Like’ it to your right. With it, I’ll be able to update older entries with new photos or newspaper articles or whatever and let you know about it toot sweet, plus there’ll be plenty of other good stuff I’m not able to fit into the main articles, so head on over.

Now that the countdown’s over, there’s plenty of fun NEW material on the way, and I’ll be catching up on some reader suggestions. Stay tuned…

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