Past/Lives Flashback #4: Videomania – Rosebery, NSW

Original article: The Marina Picture Palace/Videomania/For Lease – Rosebery, NSW

The Marina, 1941. Image courtesy City of Botany Bay Local History Image Archive.

The Marina, 1941. Image courtesy City of Botany Bay Local History Image Archive.

Sometimes revisiting a place can reveal secrets you missed the first time. Case in point, the rotting behemoth on the side of Gardeners Road formerly known as Videomania. In its glory days this was the grand Marina picture palace, which operated until 1984 – a time when video killed the theatre star.


I tried to get the same angle as above, I really did.

Another place for which time seems to stand still, Videomania remains relatively unchanged since last year. Sure, there are some new posters up along its face and there’s a new cupcake shop in the old bank next door, but the building itself is no different.


We can only speculate as to how long those promo guys were waiting, longing to plaster the front of the place with their posters. I suppose the temptation became too much at some point, much to Jack Dee’s benefit.


Even Leonardo is still there, ever vigilant. And he’d want to be, given the former theatre’s seedy surroundings…


Out the back, I encounter some inspiring graffiti and little else. The place may still be for lease, but they certainly haven’t expended any effort making it presentable.


I’m guessing that vacuum doesn’t work.


Just when I was thinking to myself that there was nothing left to discover here, I found it. It’s something that was probably there last time, but I just happened to miss in the excitement of seeing a Ninja Turtle in the last place you’d expect to see one. See? The gluey remnants still attached to the side appear to vaguely form the word ‘Roxy’, another name this theatre went by at some point in its illustrious life. But that was just the primer. Have a look at this:


Can you see it? Look really closely, and maybe try squinting. Still no good? Okay, let’s get a bit closer…


How about now? The ‘R’ or maybe the ‘N’ should hit you first, and then from there it’s easy. Yes, amazingly, the awning’s decorative ‘MARINA’ lettering has somehow survived, allowing us an even deeper glimpse into the past than it was thought possible. Now all we need to do is arrange a screening of ‘Puddin’ Head’ inside. Maybe we should get in touch with the owners?


We’re in the home stretch now, only three to go. Here’s a clue for the next entry: it’s another theatre.

ROCKIN’ UPDATE: The development-minded Vlattas family, owners of the Cleveland Street Theatre and the Newtown Hub, are currently renovating the Marina with the aim of turning it into a live music venue. My suggestion: keep Leonardo as your bouncer. Thanks, reader Rozie!

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  1. FYI, I believe the “inspiring grafitti” may be an homage to Kevin Smith’s Clerks 2:

  2. The demographic of the area is changing, lots of new apartments cropping up nearby – the Marina is ripe for resurrection as an independent ‘arthouse’ cinema!

    1. True, but watch it inadvertently become new apartments instead. “Now, where was that old cinema? Oh. Oops!”

  3. Hi, Interesting stuff. I found this post while looking up what is Marina Picture Palace
    after seeing this article:

  4. Interesting read. I was just outside it today and bumped into a local council member who said that it’s going to be turned into apartments (on the inside atleast – because the outside is heritage listed apparently)

  5. Anthony The Koala | Reply

    To view more photos of the interior and artist’s impression of the proposed redevelopment including the restoration of the facade, I refer to the document at . I shall not comment on verbal content or whether it is the final design.
    Anthony of exciting Belfield

  6. Anthony The Koala | Reply

    As I was driving along Gardener’s Rd Roseberry at 1330, 19-05-2018, the sign outside said ‘sold’. I shall not make a comment on this, but the sale includes the two storey building and the old theatre. Approval is for 5 retail spaces and 36 apartments (why don’t they call them home units?) at

    Anthony of exciting Belfield

  7. Anthony The Koala | Reply

    The link to the document held by the former Botany Council is now at

    Click to access 405-409-gardeners-road-rosebery-redevelopment-of-the-former-marina-theatre-site.pdf

    Thank you,
    Anthony of exciting Belfield

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