Past/Lives Flashback #3: Midnight Star Reception Centre – Homebush, NSW

Original article: Homebush Cinema/Niterider Theatre Restaurant/Midnight Star Reception Centre/Derelict – Homebush, NSW


It was only a matter of time before we found ourselves back in front of this beast. As we already know, the Homebush Theatre has experienced a long afterlife as an ice rink, a theatre restaurant, a reception centre and a squat before it was finally allowed to rot alongside the other corpses on Parramatta Road. For more on its years as a squatters paradise, check out this fascinating account and accompanying video.


Shortly after I wrote my original article last year, it came to light that the Midnight Star was to be redeveloped into two towers of high-density living space in the hope of rejuvenating its necropolyptic surroundings. This plan was rightfully met with community outrage, and has since been dropped by the developers without explanation, granting the Niterider another stay of execution.


While attempting to spruce up the area is a good idea, this was not the right way to go about it. Sure, put in your two towers full of people, but consider the lack of amenities or decent infrastructure in the area before you start getting the dollar signs in your eyes, greedy developers! You know, if the M4 was finished, you could transform the stretch of Parramatta Road between Homebush and the city, and smart developers could really clean up… Oh wait, this is Sydney we’re talking about. Carry on.


And so the Midnight Star returns to its seemingly-eternal slumber, waiting for a new set of idealistic developers to take another crack. The Strathfield Council has welcomed attempts to get something happening here, but only if the community at large receives some benefit. Personally, I think the community would benefit from a return of the theatre restaurant format. Come on, who doesn’t like to be entertained while eating, especially by dodgy panto? Get Dirty Dick on the phone! Homebush would learn to laugh again, instead of sinking further into bleak, oppressive hopelessness. It’s not a good look.

UPDATE: Someone has awakened the beast. Come for a tour of the Homebush Theatre before it’s gone forever (or even after it’s gone, these blogs last a long time).

7 responses

  1. Hi Michael

    Thanks for the article interested to know who owns this building now

    Would you be able to advise if you are aware please?

    Thanks so much

    Local Resident – Mike

  2. Alex Avo Avenarius | Reply

    I remember going ice skating there as a little kid and later climbing around inside when it became abandoned in the 80’s.

  3. Hi Mike I was wondering if you had any information on the pinball parlour that was down and across the road from the ice rinkin the 70s / 80s many thanks

  4. Is the theatre still there our theatre group could really use this place to hold shows since our current place is getting too small for the crowd

  5. Hi Mike,

    You didn’t happen to have a way of contacting the owners by any chance?


  6. You’d think it would be protected and restored under the State Heritage register of NSW.
    Stuff more housing developments! This building deserves to remain standing and protected. The old world charm of the cinema experience is irreplaceable.

  7. Here I am, 10 years later, reading this going, someone absolutely should do this place up again! I moved to homebush recently and think it would be such a good addition to the area. Any way we can explore if there has been any more movement?

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