Batman and Me


And while we’re on the subject of toys and childhoods, here’s a shameless plug for my new feature documentary BATMAN AND ME.

The movie presents the experience of Batman collector Darren Maxwell, who begins his hobby in 1989 and winds up addicted to buying Batman merchandise.

It’s currently streaming as a part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, and can soon be seen in the lineup of this year’s Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, so that’s nice.

You might not believe this, but I’ll be back soon with a regular post. It’s a sad tale of a consumer electronics giant left behind in the modern world – you’ll love it (or at the very least make a vaguely interested ‘hmm’ sound).

2 responses

  1. My goodness: a new post! And timely too since I’ve covertly linked to this blog within my own. Congrats again on the documentary.

    A new Past/Lives post will probably be the best thing to happen so far this year, no kidding. In this annus horribilis there is no better remedy than wallowing in a world where dine-in Pizza huts are king. Just as well a certain virus isn’t there to spoil the salad bar.

    The only question that remains is whether it is Tandy or DSE- or even Radio Shack- that will be the subject of your next elegy. Looking forward to it.

  2. I am thrilled. I keep coming back every few months hoping for something new!

    Love your work!

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