The Hartee’s Saga, Part III – Punchbowl, NSW

Continued from Part II

1974 saw further expansion by Hartee’s that almost bordered on arrogance. The original Earlwood store was deemed too small to fit into Hartee’s plan for national dominance, and was closed. The new head office at Mascot suddenly wasn’t good enough either, and a new head office was established at Botany. New outlets were still being opened in the suburbs, like this one at Punchbowl in 1975:

Until recently a Bank of Queensland branch, this location has changed hands more than a few times since Hartee’s left. This was the final Hartee’s store to open, and strangely, it isn’t a drive-thru like all other new stores had been. Maybe Hartee’s knew something we didn’t? Press reports at the time had suggested that Hartee’s had incurred an operating loss of $918,000 AUD in 1973, and were continuing to lose money as time went on. Perhaps they were starting to employ cost cutting measures…


7 responses

  1. this look more to be a ex pizza hut ?

  2. I think your photo of the Punchbowl store is incorrect. Harttes was not at this location

    1. It was in fact at this location. The reason it looks different to the others is that it was the last Hartee’s outlet to open. Perhaps if they hadn’t folded, future Hartee’s restaurants would have looked like this.

      1. Hi Michael
        We have a group (fbook) which consists of mainly people who grew up at and around Punchbowl and nobody remembers this place as Hartee’s. The building on the crn of Punchbowl Rd & South Terrace has been all sorts of businesses but not Hartee’s to our knowledge.
        WE are all very certain that Punchbowl Hartee’s was where the present McDonalds is on Canterbury Road.

      2. You might be right, Ric. Sounds like its worth further research. Say, your surname isn’t Damelian is it? 😉

      3. i dont know for sure but i think it was pizza hut to start with witch whould have closed between 1997 and 99-2000 ?

  3. Yep, that was Pizza Hut 100%. Went there many times in the late 70’s

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