Silk Road Noodle Bar/For sale – Homebush, NSW

On one hand, the Silk Road Noodle Bar has everything a functioning restaurant needs to advertise itself. On the other hand, it wasn’t open when it said it would be.

The restaurant occupies a pretty fascinating part of Parramatta Road. Across the road is the Horse & Jockey pub, the only reminder of the existence of the Homebush racecourse. Beside it is the Midnight Star function centre, a former theatre and squatter’s delight. With so much going on around it, “Gary” has managed to keep the Silk Road a mystery.

It bombards you with two sets of opening hours, yet doesn’t offer a phone number. BYO indeed.


Real estate agent Taylor Nicholas has added some interior shots of the Silk Road to its online listing in the hope of drumming up more interest. For those of you who are interested, but find it’s a bit out of your price range, check the relevant pics right here:



Very silky...

Very silky…

You can almost taste the silk from here. Thanks reader David for the heads-up!

4 responses

  1. […] a reception centre and a squat before it was finally allowed to rot alongside the other corpses on Parramatta Road. For more on its years as a squatters paradise, check out this fascinating […]

  2. The restaurant was open today. They had a tipper truck outside and the doors were wide open. Didn’t look too bad inside, still maintained, not sure what they plan on doing there.

  3. Hahaha! Gold! I actually had the privellege of eating there in the relatively short time it was operating. Must’ve been the late 90’s or early 2000’s. Boss was an aussie dude with a Thai wife. Recall him saying something about moving to Phukhet eventually. Had a thai beef salad and fish cakes which were pretty good.

  4. That sounds about right. I once took a girl I was dating to this restaurant in 2000, after a few drinks at the Horse and Jockey first. The relationship didn’t work out, but I’m sure the Noodle Bar wasn’t the reason.

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