Pizza Hut/Belfield Charcoal BBQ House/Seoul Hoikwan Restaurant – Belfield, NSW

This is the first of what will doubtless be many entries about Pizza Huts. In 1999, Pizza Hut HQ decided that eat-in restaurants were no longer viable, and spent the next ten years selling them off. Only a handful, if that, still exist. What’s funny is how the new owners mostly haven’t bothered to disguise that their new acquisition was once a Pizza Hut, but we’ll get to those.

This one is fair enough; it’s just another restaurant. Why change it? However, this one is notable because it was Australia’s first Pizza Hut. It was built in 1970, and apart from its iconic red roof now being green, it doesn’t look that different.

You missed a spot, guys.


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  1. The Eminent Joshua E. Hrouda | Reply

    Nice! The red paint is probably because a bracket was removed, after the green paint went on.

    My mum used to take my brother and I to Pizza Hut for dinner, it was great! The yummy smell of the whole place! Dad wouldn’t go, let alone easy a pizza. He hated the smell of the cheese!

    We went to Pizza Hut, Hume Hwy, Yagoona. Which later became Salvos. Then that got burnt down. Then they rebuilt the Salvos store on the same footprint. There was also a nice little Pizza Hut restaurant on The Mall, Bankstown. And my brother and I would go there for all-you-can-eat (including dessert), then go across the road to the Hoyts cinema, for a movie. Those were the days! These days it still has the same building structure. I think you have a picture (or more) of it.

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