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Lawrence Dry Cleaners/St. David’s on Firth – Arncliffe, NSW

Those expecting Lawrence are going to be sorely disappointed. The Lawrence dry cleaning company was founded in 1939 at Waterloo, and prides itself on being “the most trusted” dry cleaning and laundry company in Sydney. After betrayal like this, I don’t know if I can back that up.

The sign instead directs those hopefuls with dirty laundry to this church op-shop. The last thing they need is more clothing in need of a wash.

Mixed Business/Nothing – Surry Hills, NSW

This place, beside the Norfolk Hotel on Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, has been closed for a good long while. It’s hard to say exactly when it closed from what we can see. There’s a development proposal, so there might not be much time left for it, either. What amazes me is just how much you could get done at a place like this back when it was actually open and functioning. You could get your hair done while waiting for your clothes to be dry cleaned, AND buy a gift for your significant other and toys for the kids. And cigarettes. They all sold cigarettes back then.

Dry Cleaning/Denture Clinic – Belfield, NSW

Unless dry cleaning is one of the services offered by the denture clinic, this one’s just a reminder to new shop owners to check everywhere for signage. And no, the shop to the right wasn’t a dry cleaner.