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Batman and Me


And while we’re on the subject of toys and childhoods, here’s a shameless plug for my new feature documentary BATMAN AND ME.

The movie presents the experience of Batman collector Darren Maxwell, who begins his hobby in 1989 and winds up addicted to buying Batman merchandise.

It’s currently streaming as a part of the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival, and can soon be seen in the lineup of this year’s Cinequest Film & Creativity Festival, so that’s nice.

You might not believe this, but I’ll be back soon with a regular post. It’s a sad tale of a consumer electronics giant left behind in the modern world – you’ll love it (or at the very least make a vaguely interested ‘hmm’ sound).

Weird time’s a charm

Katoomba’s Paragon Cafe is one of those irritating places that can never wind up on Past Lives because even though there’s so much to say about it, it’s still doing what it’s always done…with the exception of the oysters, anyway.

I guess Past Lives will just have to end up on the Paragon instead.

Weird Sydney Final

That’s right, it’s back.

On August 12th, you can join the incomparable super-team of Peter Doyle, Chris Mikul, Vanessa Berry and myself for an afternoon of the weirdest Sydney has to offer.

How can we possibly fit everything that’s weird about this messed-up town into one afternoon, you ask? You’ll just have to come along and find out!

Get your tickets here! Wear your best sideburns and you might even end up with your picture on the wall!

And if all that’s not momentous enough for you, this year happens to be the Paragon’s 101st anniversary. Yes, they chose to hold this event on that non-anniversary.

Don’t you find that a little…weird?