Coles/Delphi Bank & HSBC – Burwood, NSW


In further evidence that the world is an evil place, I present to you Exhibit ZZY. Once a quaint, harmless little art-deco Coles supermarket and variety store, this Burwood Road location now offers only a variety of soulless banking institutions, neither of which could afford decent paint:


While we’re on the topic, remember when Coles was just a supermarket? Now, each Coles pretty much functions as a bank: you can withdraw, deposit, you wait in a long line to get treated like dirt, and they assault you with painful television ads in your own home. In a further chilling parallel, Coles is even attempting an insurance service now, which by all accounts seems to be going over as well as those Status Quo ads.

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  1. I remember going shopping with my mum up that end of Burwood Rd as a kid in the early 80’s and somewhere near that location was a shoe shop with this massive black shoe about a metre long and half as high in the front window. There was also a florist and a school uniform shop – Dunlop’s i think.

  2. michael19701 | Reply

    i remember when coles and woolworths were supermarkets and variety stores and nothing else!!!

  3. The sole point of an advertising campaign is to encourage you to utilise the advertised product and/or service. The Coles ads have the total opposite effect on me – i go out of my way to NOT shop at Coles, purely on the basis of those ridiculously annoying commercials.

  4. The school uniform shop was called Mayfair.

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