Stan’s Burgers/Dolan’s Burgers/Kayems’ Cafe Takeaway – Beverly Hills, NSW

kayem pls

kayem pls

In many ways, the Beverly Hills of the southern hemisphere has absolutely nothing in common with the sun-soaked haven of Hollywood decadence up north, but I’d argue this – it’s even tougher to make it here than it is in that notoriously tough town.

Case in point: this small takeaway shop on yet another strip of pointless shops is rarely open, a unique approach to customer service anywhere but Beverly Hills. Why? Do people not need to eat? Why can’t this place just be open on a hot afternoon when someone might want to take a drink away and refresh themselves? What was it about the concept of a cafe/takeaway that Stan, Kayem, and even the infinitely more aesthetically pleasing Dolan all failed to understand? Somewhere, some landlord is laughing as they review their fourth tenancy application in as many years.

6 responses

  1. I thought in the med 1990s it was Jim’s Burgers not Stan’s

    1. We can add Jim to the pile, then. Definitely Stan’s until around 2009. Maybe Jim was Stan’s father, and then he passed it on to his son Dolan. Then Kayem got lucky.

  2. how did kayem get lucky they went bankrupt? the person who sold the shop lied about the business and the owners of the property also lied

    1. Yes it was Jim’s originally. Years ago when you could buy a burger from at least 4 different places.
      Jim’s was a fair hike up the hill from our store in the centre so someone would drive there to get the burgers for us…

  3. Ye I cnt beliv der is Bergar shope name after me. I hav to sho gooby.

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