Sid Steele Tobacconist/Little Big Tween – Newtown, NSW


Careful and considered research tells us that as far back as 1914, Sid Steele (yes, the Sid Steele) was providing King Street’s St Peters end with all the tobacco they desired. Had Sid kept his ego in check, we of the future may never have known of his long-ago dominance of the industry, but the forward-thinking Steele made sure his name would be as resilient as his namesake by emblazoning it across the top of this otherwise generic ’14 model. Future tenants were not so precious…

1991. Image courtesy City of Sydney Archives.

1991. Image courtesy City of Sydney Archives.

For example, Martin chose to leave his mark on his customers rather than the buildi- oh sorry, studio. Note that Martin doesn’t have the air conditioner that later tenants have. What’s with that, Martin?

2007. Image courtesy LanceDriver/Flickr.

2007. Image courtesy LanceDriver/Flickr.

In the new millennium, it’s as naff to include your name in your business name as it is to use the term ‘naff’. The proprietors of CHINESE ANTIQUE FURNITURE may not have had staying power, but they didn’t need it; hoping to capitalise on the zeitgeist of the Chinese Antique Furniture boom of 2007-2010.



These days, the folks behind Little Big Tween are striking the tween craze while the iron is hot, admirably attempting provide the childrens clothing market with ‘age appropriate’ designs. If it means seeing one less kid in an ‘I’m with the MILF’ shirt, more power to ’em.

2 responses

  1. why do you say “the Sid Steele” was he otherwise well known?

  2. “The” Sid Steele was Ernest Sydney Steele born in 1885. He was my Grandfather and though I have but limited memory of him, I recall a thoroughly delightful gentleman and understand that he and his wife Amy were significant contributors to society in their day. Our family records indicate contribution through the Newtown Wanderers Club (I have a trophy presented to Mr and Mrs Steele “from the Wanderers Club” in 1918. The story goes that they were founding members of the Rockdale Musical Society and there is a photo of Sid in as Patron of the Earlwood Cricket Club. There you go. Noel Benham 11th June 2015

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