Newsagent/Dalat Hot Bread – Concord West, NSW

Here’s a fun instance of ‘street musical chairs’. Exhibit A: Dalat Hot Bread in Concord West. An ordinary shop with an ordinary awning…

But on closer inspection we can see that it says Financial Review. Clearly, this was once a newsagent. But Concord Westians still need newspapers, so where did it go?

A few doors up along Concord Road is what is now the newsagent, but looking at that sign it was clearly once something else. It’s a tough sign to read, so I’ll leave open to interpretation, but I wonder why the newsagent moved? Was the rent too high two doors along? Were there not as many customers at that specific latitude?

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  1. Hi,
    The news agency which is currently Dalat was only ever there very briefly in the very late 90’s/early 00’s. It was too small and did not last long until it moved to it’s present address, which was formerly a paint shop, not to be confused with the former Westpac Bank/SolverPaints/Asian Restaurant. Prior to this current news agency, a lager one with greater variety existed next door to the Westpac, which the building it was in now comprises of the Crust Pizza and adjoining shop in the middle 90’s.

    Dalat too has moved in its time, previously next door to the shop front on the left of Scanlon hair and beauty. A number of other shops have remained consistent, moving only down to another location, but remaining in the vicinity of the North Strathfield shopping strip.

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