Grapevine Cellars/For Lease – Belfield, NSW

In yet another sign of the times, a unit block will replace this former Liquorland bottle shop, which is heading to virtual pastures, having moved online on May…1th?


How could they make a mistake like this? Didn’t anyone spot the error when they were painting the sign on in hot pink? Does May the 1th fall right after Smarch? Was this a leap-100-million-years and we just don’t realise that a May 1th hasn’t occurred since a stegosaurus got laughed at by his unlearned friends for painting May 1th on his soon-to-be-moving bottle-o?

You know what? Good. I’m glad they’re moving. That way I don’t have to pay twenty dollarth for a bottle of wine.

2 responses

  1. They where cheaper than Woolies and Coles and the online store is even cheaper…a sign of the times yes.

  2. Anthony The Koala | Reply

    Before the liquor shop, this very spot was once occupied by a green wooden cottage. My cousin once lived there. To the left (from the photo) is the Belfield Plaza/Nature’s Best complex. Before the Belfield Plaza/Nature’s Best complex was the BP station. It was known as BP “Merriwee” under pumps’ awning. The liquor shop together with other small shops and a corner house on Blackwood Ave became a block of home units, oh sorry, a block of apartments.
    Anthony of Belfield

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