Beach Fashion of Australia/Mitsubishi Heavy Industries – Kingsgrove, NSW

Many summers ago, this Kingsgrove location sold beach fashion to anyone who wanted to spend their summer catching rays and swimming in the sea. You can of course tell by the moronic tags and terrible Family Guy flavoured graffiti that that’s no longer the case.

It’s very telling and very sad that modern society has chosen the insular alternative of an air conditioner over cooling off at the beach in summertime. Which would you rather do?

2 responses

  1. Whilst travelling on the East Hills line I often wondered how long ago Beach Fashion of Australia had gone out of business. Together with a 6 digit telephone number, they also have what appears to be a telex number. Now when was the last time anyone used a telex machine?

  2. This place was still trading in time for the 91/92 summer, as I purchased a Brian Roachford suit or two for my trip down to Jervis Bay that summer! also loved visiting the shoe warehouse across the road. You could pick up bargain quality leather sample shoes for $20 but rarely found any in my size. That place was still around up to around 5 years ago which was the last time I went, and had decided on this last visit the place had gone downhill and wasn’t worth the visit. I wonder if its still open?

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