Christian Science Reading Rooms/Duo – Mosman, NSW

Behold: Sydney’s only consecrated fashion boutique.

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  1. In the mid 1950’s, as an 11 year old my Grandmother used to take me to the Reading Rooms during my weekends spent with her. My memory is of entering what seemed to me then, a very large room, polished timber fittings and furniture and lots of books on shelves. While she read with an intense look of concentration on her face I sat quietly waiting. Waiting patiently day dreaming about the promised visit to either the picture theatre in Spit Junction or a visit to the Library which was then housed in the beautiful building on Military Road, a Tea Room I now believe.

  2. Lorraine Cairnes | Reply

    1947-1951 Miss Curgenven staffed the Christian Science Reading Room. Our family rented from her half of a semi-detached house at 66 Glover Street Cremorne. Miss Curgenven would go to the Reading Room 6 days a week, a very dedicated lady indeed.

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