The Bat & Ball Hotel – Surry Hills, NSW

Here’s a perfect argument for why you should take down old signs. Who’s that hosting your trivia night, Bat & Ball?

Come on down, huh? How far? Six feet? Maybe that’s why the question mark is there, they don’t know whether trivia will be on or not because the host is perpetually late. TOO SOON?

One response

  1. Michael you’ll be happy to know that the trivia sign is now gone. Former host Ian Turpie can rest in peace!

    My favourite place for a pre-cricket drink, but it gets very crowded on match day. The pub seems to be promoting itself as the ‘Parkside Bar’ at the Bat & Ball’ nowadays, stressing the new name on their menus and their website.

    And no, they don’t seem to to do trivia any more – Turps too hard to replace.

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