Rhodes Public School/Rhodes Community Centre – Rhodes, NSW

This building served the community of Rhodes from 1922, when the suburb was only mildly polluted, to 1993, when it glowed in the dark. Continuing in its tradition of making smart choices for the Rhodes area, the NSW Government sold the school to the Canada Bay Council, which has used it as a community centre ever since. Amusingly and unsurprisingly, most of the school amenities are still in place, including the loudspeaker under the roof.

It’s strange to see a school without the Building Education Revolution scheme’s signature flimsy, tacked on buildings. The problem the Rhodes community now faces is where their three-headed children will go to school. All the local schools have filled up rapidly since the area became residential, forcing parents to send their children further away from Rhodes for their education. Given what we know, is that really such a bad thing?

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  1. Great read – I grew up in Rhodes (1971-1988) and swam in the river, played in the factory sites on their waterfronts and climbed/jumped off the train bridge! Scary to think of how much toxic waste we were exposed too. So far so good – healthy life. No double headed babies! Great community to grow up in and it is nice to see some of the longstanding residents recognised in the street names of the new development (ie Nina Gray). The school was tiny and I think there were only 30 students enrolled any time!

    1. Hi Sara, I’m doing a history project and walking tour around Rhodes for the Council and am looking for people like yourself that have these memories of the school and growing up in Rhodes. Is there any chance you are in Sydney and would be interested to share these stories with me? My contact is peta@maitreehouse.com. PLease get in touch if you are interested. Kind Regards, Peta

      1. hay peta

        i might be able to help you with that , if your still interested see this chick on facebook http://www.facebook.com/Janeypooh.xo her name was jane dixon when i knew her we are both former rhodes scholars from the 80s up till it closed and she still has a lot of contact from there back in the day ,

        dont worry about telling them who sent you i dont think they would give a shit and i dont really care enough to go back and visit that for great deal of time , jane might be able to furnish you with the rhodes ps history book we all received when the school closed if you havnt found one already failing that i guess i could ask mum if you could borrow hers just bare in mind theres little likely hood of that as its one of those things she wont part with very easily there will definitely should be one in either the concord library on concord rd or the branch near mortlake

        anyway good luck


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