Australian & Chinese Take Away/Indian Hut – Penshurst, NSW

In the 1950s and 60s, a lot of Chinese restaurants offered Australian cuisine because racist old cobbers refused to eat ‘Oriental Chinko food’ and demanded options. Yep, nothing like getting take-away for a treat on Friday night and having the same steak and veggies you had all week, only instead of cooking it for you, your wife goes and gets it.

Unrelated, Indian Hut seems to have been okay to leave the Australian and Chinese bit of the shopfront bare, but painted over a Coca-Cola advert. Maybe they’re Pepsi people.

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  1. This reminds me of the Bamboo Inn at Beverly Hills, which I believe is still in operation. It was the only Chinese restaurant that my family ever went to and I remember that my Mum was a little braver than most Aussies – she’d always order curried prawns and rice 🙂 The tables were laminex and the place had no style – but to us it was paradise!

    1. The irony is that curried prawns and rice isn’t even an authentic Chinese dish.

  2. This was also an Italian owned take away from 1979-1984 that used to make great pizza !!!

  3. Ah, the “milk bar” (as we used to call it) that I used to walk past for years and years on my to and from the station to go to school. Bought many a Wiz ice block or Alexander’s Plank there for 20 cents. Or a Redskin for 5 cents if money was particularly tight. I still remember the Asian family that ran the joint, they were really nice. Before they took it over I was sent down as a kid to buy my old lady a packet of Winnie Blues – and succeeded! It was the early 80s and I hadn’t even started school proper. True story. Shows how times have changed. You’d be on A Current Affair in no time if you tried that on these days (probably rightly so too).

  4. Loved reading this tthanks

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