Milk Bar/Professional Laser Hair Removal – Strathfield, NSW

It takes a visionary mind to look at a milk bar and think ‘THAT’S where I’m going to realise my dream of removing hair by laser, professionally.’

This shop is across the road from the former Arnotts Biscuits factory at Strathfield, and would have once provided workers with hamburgers and refreshments. From what I can gather, Ecks was a big player in the soft drinks industry until the 1960s, when it was absorbed by Shelleys. Shelleys was absorbed by Coca-Cola, and the brand name changed to Kirks. Soft drink melodrama aside, it looks like somone punched a hole in the wall below the Ecks logo in the above picture. What’s that about?

4 responses

  1. The soot above the bricked up hole gives it away. It was where the sheet metal exhaust vent came through the wall for the chip vats and hamburger hotplates. I used to get a burger here often back in my 20’s. The painted sign was there beforehand and the vent was erected over it. Rust from the vent’s support bolts can be seen above the bricked up hole.
    Walking into the shop, the cooking area was down the left hand wall near the front door. The counter further towards the rear was for sandwiches.

  2. Ecks was my great grandfathers business, proudly operated by the Forbes’. 🙂

  3. I live not far away in Homebush, and walked past this shop today. Metal frame work for an external staircase has been bolted onto this wall, in part right through the sign. Looks like it’s going to be separate access for the upstairs, and may well be walled in covering this up.

  4. Ecks were in garden st Prahan…taken over by my company tarax

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