Gottlieb Electronics/All Electro Sales and Wholesaler/Unknown – Belmore, NSW

It’s hard to imagine now, but there was once a time where pinball was so popular that Gottlieb Amusements had an Australian subsidiary. It closed down sometime after 1995, which is in keeping with the decline of the pinball industry itself.

Google indicates a company called Sibercom (or Sybercom) operated out of this address for a time, so this must be where they built all the Terminators. There’s scant evidence to indicate what might be operating out of the building now, and the sign outside gives few clues:

Ask for us by name.

Presumably, this is where bored hipsters worked in a time before JB Hifi.

One response

  1. Despite the name, Gottlieb Electronics had no connection to Gottlieb pinballs, which at the time was owned by a company called Premier Technology. Gottlieb Electronics was owned by 2 Greek brothers and they mostly manufactured and distributed cabinets for arcade games. I bought quite a few games from them back in the 90’s and from memory they didn’t deal in pinballs at all. I last bought games from them in 1997, so they were around until at least then, but not much longer.

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