Shell Petrol Station/Vacant Lot – Beverly Hills, NSW

Sitting beside the former Four Seasons Chinese Restaurant in Beverly Hills is a vacant lot, but based on the position of the driveways and the remaining infrastructure, it’s clear this was once a petrol station.

Someone has left several large boulders on the site. Oddly positioned at the corners of the site, they appear as makeshift paperweights, holding the lot down so it doesn’t blow away. Good thinking, guys.

New information has come to light revealing this vacant lot to have been a Shell petrol station as recently as 1992. Don’t believe me? Check out the evidence (sourced from the fascinating below. Note the fully operational Four Seasons Chinese restaurant in the background!

Shell servo, Beverly Hills, 1992. Image courtesy

Shell servo, Beverly Hills, 1992. Image courtesy

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  1. This is opposite my old Primary School on Stoney Creek Road. It was indeed a service station, and I think it may have been an Ampol. At one stage there were 3 servos in this area. On one corner of King Georges and Stoney Creek Roads where The Keg (or whatever it is called these days) stands was one servo, and directly opposite it, on the other corner (where the large Chinese restaurant is) was another. The two at the intersection were gone by the mid 70s, although I recall going to this particular one in the mid 80s in my first car, a Leyland Marina 🙂

    1. Don’t forget “Days” Service Station that was on the northern side of the train tracks… directly opposite it. I barely remember it… don’t remember when it must have closed up shop. was still there till maybe the early 90’s…

      Yep I went to Regina Coeli until mid- 1997. sounds like I am more than a few years younger than you. I was born in ’85.

  2. There was also a Neptune Servo in this area. Im thinking it was up at the Caltex in the Kingsway up the hill.

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