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Bakery/Handkerchiefs/AV Simon Optometry/OPSM – Mosman, NSW

Formerly, this was AV Simon Optometry before OPSM took over Agent Smith style. AV Simon is still a part of it, and yet it’s an OPSM. But Agent Smith missed a spot…it’s anyone’s guess what the first word was, but what’s clear is that this shop used to sell handkerchiefs. There is little on this planet to match the repulsiveness of a handkerchief.

A long time ago, this was a bakery specialising in health foods. How ironic, given the owner:

SMH, 30 Nov 1932

How ironic too that it would end up hawking the unhealthiest products you could ever hope to buy, and I’m not talking about Transitions lenses. Seriously, there’s a reason those folks in the picture are walking away. They know.