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Strathfield Burwood Evening College/Junk Shop – Homebush, NSW

Another relic sitting along Parramatta Road (where would I be without it), this…I don’t really know what this is.

The building itself doesn’t help, with all its allusions to great deals and hard to obtain articles. The place is full of strange old junk…

It might have sold office supplies once, before the owner went mad and decided to hoard everything instead of selling it. Some people collect vinyl records, others collect filing cabinets. At one stage, the building also appears to have housed the Strathfield Burwood Evening College:

Not…entirely sure what you could learn in a place like this, but I bet they had a damn good filing system. Still, a closer inspection of the windows proves they weren’t kidding about those hard to obtain articles:

That’s wisdom.

BARREN UPDATE: According to reader Claire, this place – that was absolutely stuffed with goods – was suddenly mysteriously empty when she passed it a few months back. This I had to see.


Not only was it for auction, but it sold, unlike 100% of the merch that once filled the room. But what of that merch? Let’s zoom in.


The boasts of discount prices and the eye-catching stained glass windows were still there, and surely added to the value of the property at auction.

IMG_9314Now those articles really are hard to obtain. Thanks, Claire!

For more on the history of this peculiar building, including a picture from when it was still Homebush Newsagency, check out Strathfield Heritage.