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Bexley Park Cycles/Nothing – Bexley, NSW

Bicycle shops: never around when you want one, everywhere when you don’t.
Bexley residents must really be into bikes for this to be so completely closed.
Sometime prior to 2010, the community wholeheartedly rejected Bexley Park Cycles’ attempt to provide it with an avenue for fitness. I’m hesitant to suggest that Bexley is Sydney’s fattest suburb as a result, and yet the McDonald’s is still doing booming business just streets away. You join the dots.
Judging by its architecture, this shop may have been a milk bar at some point in the past. Perhaps the failure of the bicycle shop was revenge by the fat Bexleytians for supplanting an outlet for burgers and fried food? We can’t rule it out.
The owner of the bike shop has painted racing stripes on the shopfront, presumably to make it go faster. Fool…this is Stoney Creek Road. Nothing goes fast here.
And so it is with the ex-bike shop. Despite the best efforts of the area’s top agents, here it sits, and rots, in an eternal real estate gridlock. Maybe bikes aren’t the best mode of road transport after all.

Penshurst Squash & Fitness Centre/Residential – Penshurst, NSW

I could be wrong about this one, but let’s take a look anyway.

Despite promises of being ‘open 7 days’, I’ve not seen this place open for years. It certainly wasn’t open today.

This sign suggests that the centre hasn’t been open since 2008, and I’m willing to go with that. Also, let’s not forget the first rule of Past/Lives – if your phone number doesn’t have eight digits, you’re fair game.