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Corner shop/nothing – Belmore, NSW

Great, the time machine worked.

Quick! It’s 1953 and I’ve forgotten my kid’s birthday! Where will I be able to get her a…gift…maybe something…I dunno, popular…at the last minute?!

Yung thugz take note, this is how graffiti tags looked a hundred years ago.

Thank goodness! Call off the search!

Corner shop/nothing – Earlwood, NSW

On a surprisingly busy intersection in the backstreets of Earlwood sits this former corner shop.

It’s impossible to say why it closed, but the fact that I was shouted at by passing motorists twice while I took these photos suggests that the proprietor may have decided that the rude residents didn’t deserve a convenience mart.

Peters Ice Cream seems to have had an iron grip on this place in its heyday – closer inspection reveals even older Peters signage beneath what’s visible. Peters used ‘The health food of a nation’ as a slogan from 1923 through to the 1970s, after which time health food shops stopped carrying Drumsticks. Ice cream companies couldn’t get away with a slogan like that these days, that’s for sure.

The signage the shop sports today doesn’t exactly scream ‘C’mon in and get your bread and milk.’ The back of the shop appeared to be a residence, so the shopfront is as good a deterrent as any for burglars or Streets fans.