Over the course of writing this blog, I’ve come across several locations that have proven nearly impossible to research. Be it that they were too insignificant for anyone to keep tabs on, that they pre-dated the internet, or that everyone but me has forgotten they ever existed, these places are in danger of becoming lost forever, consigned to the memory of people who have too much time on their hands.

This is where you come in.

If you have any information – memories, photos, vague recollections – about the following places, GET IN TOUCH via email (see the About page) or the comments section. Check back here every so often because I’ll try to update this list whenever some new mystery falls across the Past/Lives desk. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated, and although I can’t afford to pay you…

Hey, where are you going? Wait, come back! It’s for the greater good!

Metro Twin Drive-In Cinema: Situated on the corner of Waterloo Road and the Hume Highway at Chullora, this popular drive-in defined the area in an era of simpler entertainment. In 1977, it played host to the premiere of the FJ Holden movie. These days, it’s Chullora Marketplace, home of Big W and Woolworths, which occupied the site as standalones throughout most of the 80s and 90s. I know I’ve seen pictures of the drive-in online in the past, but there’s not much out there now…or is there?

Henry’s: a burger joint on the Princes Highway, Kogarah. It was definitely around in the late 80s, and its approximate location was the old Kogarah Hartee’s, which is now a pedestrian overpass.

Hurstville Bowling Alley: I’ve found a little bit on this one, but when even the Hurstville Council are putting out calls for info on the place, you know it’s a dying cause. It was on the corner of Forest Road and Hudson Street, Hurstville, and is now a small retail complex including a Dick Smith.

Time Out Arcade: This one was located in Bankstown Square’s ‘City Limits’ section until the early 2000s, and was a pretty rough place. Today it’s a St George Bank.

Spin Out Arcade: Just outside Bankstown Square along Appian Way, opposite the old World 4 Kids. Now a gym.

Hasham’s: Yes, the original building is still there (as the C-Side Restaurant, along General Holmes Drive at Kyeemagh), but there’s precious little out there on its time as a take-away joint owned by actor Joe Hasham.

Cobb & Co Diner: You’ve seen this one even if you’re not aware of it. I’ve been planning an article on the Cobb & Co (later Deno’s Diner and today Harry’s Cafe de Wheels) for ages (John, if you’re reading this, I’ll be in touch!). It’s sitting on the Princes Highway at Tempe just waiting to have its rich history explored.

Fonzie’s Pinball Parlour: Owned by Alan Saffron (son of Abe), Fonzie’s was a chain of pinball parlours dotted around Sydney, with the two most prominent being at Collaroy and on Oxford Street. They opened around 1979, and yes, they were themed around the Fonz.

Bankstown synagogues: Yes, synagogues. Bankstown had two of them BITD, one on the corner of Meredith Street and Rickard Road, and another near the Stacey Street overpass beside the Big W on North Terrace. I don’t want to spoil things, but apparently they met terrible ends.

Updated 31/12/15

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  1. Henrys had the best prawn burgers in the southernside of Sydney ,they also sold burgers but the prawns were the main reason to go there.They had a sister store over at Charing cross near Bondi, They took over the site from Harties(Where the burgers are Barbequed ) and were going strong in the early 1980s (!(1980 to 1984)

    I didnt know Joe owned Hashams , but they had a birthday club where you got a card which entitled you to a free drink and maybe a burger for your birthday ,A real treat especially if you also managed a play on the rocket ship in the park next door when you came to collect.

  2. I don’t know if this will help but I was talking to my father about Henry’s after stumbling across it in your bounties section.
    I was only very young but I remember the steak burger and chips being very yummy and every time I have a Prego burger from Ogalo’s at Rockdale Plaza (the same owners were originally were in Hurstville where Dougie’s grill is now in Forest Rd) some 25 odd years later and I still think of Henry’s because the sauce in my memory was similar.
    Like Rob above my dad mentioned the prawn burger, he however also mentioned that they moved to where Harry’s Cafe is now in Tempe (previously Deno’s Dinner before Harry’s). I don’t know if he is correct but he is usually pretty accurate when it comes to food places or prawns.
    Hopefully this helps you in your travels.

  3. Yes, we rode motorbikes in the late 60’s. Hurstville Bowling Alley was a meeting place back then, as was the Roller Skating Rink at Brighton. Then off to Millers Brighton [now the Novatel ] and Cobb & Co that had an old horse drawn coach mounted on a pole as you drove in. There was Donuts Galore on the highway at Kogarah. Grahams take away at Kogarah [ in the shops opposite the post office ], he started in a caravan parked on Princes Hwy Carlton.

    1. Grahams were THE BESThot dogs,
      I had one there the night after my son was born in St George hospital(That kids always been a night owl) and cant remember ever enjoying a hot dog more.

      1. I remember Grahams takeaway, Hot Dogs were the best, in Sydney, except maybe for Harry’s de Wheels, never any Hot Chips, just Hot Dog’s, and the Donuts Galore I lived in Regent St (still Do ) but the area is going High Rise within a few years anyhow coming home on a Saturday night to the smell of those fresh baked Donuts and to walk down there an buy 1/2 dozens and share with the family that was a time to remember

      2. I worked at Graham’s at Kogarah for a while, making burgers and hotdogs till the early hours of the morning.
        We pushed a LOT of hot milo out too in the cold months

      3. Claude – any chance you remember exactly where the donuts galore was? My parents are in the middle of an argument about its location and this one is the only reference I can find to ask!!

  4. Matthew Chisholm | Reply

    Just a correction re Hurstville Bowling Alley. It was on the corner of Wright St and Forest Rd Hurstville, not Hudson St. The actual building is still there. It’s not some sort of motor mechanic workshop.

  5. I just found out that Cobb & Co/Deno’s Diner/Harry’s Cafe De Wheels on the Princess Hwy in Tempe started out life as a ………… Hartee’s Burgers

  6. I remember Henrys back in the day. home of the foot long hot dog and prawn cutlet burgers. every saturday morning my brothers and i would go down with my Dad who was mates with the owner to eat and play the arcades in the front (we were given free credits). Its where my love for street fighter came from.
    Rob was right about the sister store but Kate, Dino’s diner was something different. After Henrys closed it was the only place to get a foot long hot dog, which is why it was often thought that henrys moved there.

    1. That’s right Ben when Henrys close there at Kogarah, the boss gave up the fast food game an went into the travel game bringing in tourists from overseas an organizing tours around Australia. Loved working there as a kid an was there till it closed. Had a lot of great an unique foods there like the Foot Long Hot Dogs, Prawn Burgers, Seafood Pack etc, haha just writing about them is making me hungry.
      Dinos Diner then was the next place for a feed and hanging out till all the car hoons stuffed that up for Dino which was originally a vendor back in the days at Luna Park.

      1. I remember you Bobby I was working there too Peter lived on the old semi houses on the HWY

  7. I think Joshua may be a bit confused. Cobb & Co. opened in Tempe in 1964 and remained there for many years, it was never Hartee’s. I used to go there with my father and older sister in the ’60s and early ’70s. Hartee’s Hamburgers was owned by Kellogg’s and opened it’s first site in 1970. Hartee’s Kogarah was opposite St George Technical College & James Cook Boys High. We lived in one of the first houses built on the Moorefield Racecourse site and I used to walk to Hartee’s on a Sunday with my dog to buy a hamburger (for me) and a vanilla or chocolate thickshake (for my dog) which we would eat on the walk back home, lol. I was 12 years old. Hartee’s became Henry’s after Kellogg’s closed the hamburger chain. Unfortunately I don’t have any photos of Hartee’s or Henry’s, only memories

  8. I seem to remember Henry’s being opposite James Cook High School. I was at James Cook High in 1971 and 1972. The Principle gave an order that Henry’s was a “no go zone” after a couple of biffo parties were held there.

    The burgers were excellent, if a bit on the small side, as I remember.

  9. Best ever hamburger experience I recall was eating flagship burger called the “HUSKEE” at Hartees at Riverwood in the early 70s. Maybe that was where the dog food rumours came from. Any way I remember it to be bigger and better than the “Big mac”

  10. I worked at Fonzie’s on Oxford St from its opening in 1979 for about a year. My poem about it, commissioned by the Red Room, is here: . It was also featured on an episode of Radio National’s Poetica:

  11. I used to eat at Henry’s all the time in the 80s. Unfortunately I don’t have any photographs. It’s a shame really. The best fish burgers in town. It was set up like a 50s hamburger joint. Very cool and very popular. Have also attempted research on this but to no avail. Good luck.

    1. Glad to know it’s not just me!

  12. Henry’s was the best. The foot long was epic but I always had to toss up between that and the crumbed prawn burger

    1. I couldn’t afford the prawn burger it was $2.70.
      I had to settle for the plain beef burger for $1.50
      Combo burger was $2.50 (beef with lot)
      Going back 1988

  13. Anthony P of Belfield | Reply

    In the area of “Bounties” for Chullora Metro Twin Drive In, please refer to my contribution dated February 14, 2015 at 12:55am on this website, on the “about” page at
    I apologise I should have posted on this webpage.

    1. Anthony of Belfield | Reply

      After several months, the Powerhouse Museum finally published my reminiscences of the Chullora Metro Twin Drive-In at (copy from “https” to “-ins”/ and paste in browser.
      Anthony of Belfield

  14. Great blog .!!i grew up st george area 60s,70s,have great memories of grahams hot dogs started selling from a van princes hway near james cook high ended up with great shop at kogarah good meeting spot 2am ect hot dog with cold slaw bar b q sauce coffee mmm great days ,hurstville bowling alley was good place for a kid to spend 2shillings also dou nuts galore princess hway ,who can forget ramsgate baths ( pine apple fritters )sure was good time an place to grow up …

    1. Actually David, Graham started his Hotdog business from an old Kombi on the corner of Canterbury Rd and Punchbowl Rd on a vacant block opposite the Sundowner. We used to frequent it on the way back from Liverpool Speedway in the wee hours of the morning. He then moved over to his Kogarah location.

  15. Hi, I really enjoy reading this blog and seeing the cool photos and traces of Sydney past.
    I have a scan of a street directory from a time when the Opera House was still a tram shed and the Harbour Bridge used to end in a roundabout at the top of Kent, Clarence and York street – I don’t know what year it is from though. I could not work out when the onroads where changed to the current shape (can anyone help).
    Also would you have any interest in these scans (large-ish JPG files) for any particular parts of Sydney or the surrounding suburbs?


  16. Gonzalo Fernandez | Reply

    Hi there, I used to work at Henry’s in the early 90’s and I have great memories of it.The prawn burgers were the best especially that I was allowed to cook whatever I wanted for lunch so I used to put double cheese and also add bacon!!! I was only 17 years old. I used to work there with a girl called Rose who was very nice and showed me the ropes* I went back there in the mid 90’s when I was in my early 20’s and the old boss was still there and he recognised me and was thrilled to see me and said I was one of his best workers and gave my friend and my lunch on the house.That was a great moment. I love the old school milk bars and anything to do with that scene, duke boxes,Fonzi, milk shakes etc. I now work form myself as a professional graffiti artist by the name of Gonzo…yes I am that guy with the shaved head that paints everywhere and does the Captain Cash Money Lent shops. Ha ha, however when I worked at Henry’s I had long dark curly hair like Prince and used to frequent The Polish club at Ashfield “Vibration’s. I have a page on Fb called ” art by Gonzo” All the best people and gee I miss cooking up those burgers and foot long dogs*** lol

  17. Perry McCauley | Reply

    Lived in Tempe , circa 1969 , age 10 , pupil of Tempe Primary and Tempe Junior Boys High . Cobb and Co’s diner on the Pacific Highway , twixt Tempe and Kogorah , was my first foray into fast food . Their hamburgers had an allure , that I now know was simply bbq sauce . Their chips were crinkle cut in cardboard cup containers . Still , no match for the traditional hamburger from Greek milkbars , in retrospect . The price back in 1969 for a traditional hamburger , ( toasted bun , buttered , cooked onions , lettuce tomato , beetroot ) , wrapped in white grease proof paper , then placed into white paper bag , spun over a couple of times , creating a pillow esque looking article , quite weighty and smelling wholesome , was 20 cents . A salad and cheese roll was 10 cents , meat pie , 10 cents , sauce 2 cents . Potato scollaps 2 cents each , or 6 for 10 cents. Also have clear memories of “No Names” restaurant , Stanley St, East Sydney , known to locals by it’s real name , LATANA’S . Lived across the road , next door to Bill Chiappini’s coffee shop , before he too , became a fine restuantuer , in the late 60’s , early 70’s.

    1. Hi guys, I’m an artist and currently painting a realistic painting of the Cobb & co dinner in Tempe. I’m, trying to capture of how it was exactly in the 60’s-70’s? I’m going off the only one black and white photo that I found on net, I can see there is a small pin stripped caravan there and a sign that’s only visible to missing text “””””Y’S” and somthing “”””””DELIGHTS” can someone please tell me what there was actully there or have any memory’s of what was? I paint realistic paintings of old service station, workshops in around Sydney any other photos would be much appreciated. Please email me if anyone can help

  18. Used to go to Hurstville Ten-Pin Bowling Centre in the early to mid 1960s … I’m pretty sure it was publicised at the time as being actually the VERY FIRST bowling centre in Australia.

  19. Henry’s was a chain, with a store in Neutral Bay at the Big Bear shopping centre & one on Condamine St Manly Vale. They were famous for their foot long donk ie hotdog.

    The Kogarah store was still open in 1992, fond memories of driving back to Manly from Uni at Oatley and stopping for the foot long donk

    1. The Henry’s Hi Boy building at Manly Vale still exists, it is home to Gilmour’s shoes 260 Condamine St

      1. Hey Vo, I didn’t remember the Neutral Bay Henry’s. Was that the centre at the beginning of the shops where Smithy’s PA & Gear was?

      2. Henry took over the Hartees building in Condamine Street Manly Vale – used to hang out there as teenagers around 1974?-77. The best burgers… especially the prawn cutlets. Much better than Maccas at Fairlight.

    2. I knew the guy who started Henry’s, his name was Arne and he used to buy hi fi from the shop where I worked. I went to his house once, which was behind the golf course at Manly Vale. Arne did a trip to the US to study the fast food business before he opened the Manly Vale shop. Then he opened the Charing Cross and Kogarah outlets. I used to like those burgers, and the Thai footlong they were doing towards the end.

    3. Classic recollection there Vo! I remember going to Henry’s Neutral Bay between 1979 to the early 80’s for a late night feed after a big night out!

  20. Donuts Galore opened I think 1964 corner of French st and Princes Hwy I lived in French st The man that opened it came from Canada I went to school Kogarah High with one of his daughters Coming home from school I would go in there and play Bob Dylan like a rolling stone on the juke box which ran for 6 minutes

  21. I’d give anything to see photos of Bankstown’s old Time Out Arcade / City Limits. My older brother used to go there all the time, but by the time I was old enough to go myself it had closed down, so it holds a kind of mythical space in my memory.

    1. You and me both, Benji!

  22. Does any body know where the dolls are from the Kingsgrove we put a Chuck doll into get a quote and never heard back and we forgot about it?

    1. If you are referring to stoney creek road i think they may have relocated to bexley along stoney creek road…. hope that helps….

  23. Hi
    Experienced all of the above…. glad I found your blog….
    Hope you know about the following place….
    Burger shack on the Princess Hwy Helensburgh…
    Burgers the size of dinner plates….
    Hope you know of it….. it was around during the late 70s and into the 80s….

  24. I’d also like to know more about the place that my dad got his disco equipment from back in the early 1980s, All Sight and Sound, 811 Princes Highway Tempe, across from Dinos Diner/Harry’s cafe de wheels. It became Image Design Works in the late 80s as a partnership of Peter Freedman and Les Jones, then by the end of the 80s it was Freedmans Sound and Lighting (that’s Peter Freedman of RØDE Microphones) However I can’t find any photos or info on it from back then.

    Their worksburger was awesome.
    Rick the owner was a legend. I went in15 years later and I walked in dressed in a suit, he last saw me15 years before, I opened the door and Rick looked up and said “Hi Tubsy” (my Nick name at school, kids are asshole. Lol) but their dog Fried dog, fried bun on the grill a specially that gave that dog the best reputation.. The decision was always dog or prawn burger.
    Man, I miss that place, I lived 200m away or within 1km for 12 years, went to James cook, when I wasn’t in school we’d be hanging out at Henry’s, jigging school. Henry’s, school fight, behind Henry’s in the laneway lol.

  26. Does anyone remember the name of the theatre restaurant in Railway Parade, Kogarah in the mid-80s?

  27. Hi Wayne. Have you seen this classic Viscount cigarette ad filmed at Hurstville Bowl?

  28. I remember when mum and dad bought 101 Princes HWY Kogarah in 1982
    I skinny semi on the HWY with rusty old colour bond roof on the rear.
    The back lane was our yard.
    Joe next door and his dads Tile show room shop next door.
    And 100 meters away was Henrys our meeting point.
    I remember Krito, Bobby and me working at henrys in 1988
    Rick was the owner our boss.

  29. The first Henry’s Beefburger was at RoseBay, at the site here the tennis courts are. It was closed due to residents’ complaints about litter. Clive Henry was the original owner and proprietor. They had beefburgers (not hamburgers), fries, foot long hotdogs and thick shakes. The Charing Cross location came later, and it was the second store.

    1. Greg Saunders | Reply

      Had many hamburgers and footlongs at Rose Bay till the stuck ups closed it it was fantastic .

  30. Does anyone remember a shop on the highway at Waterfall that used to sell a spicey potato cake in 1960s. I think it’s the same shop that is the takeaway opposite Waterfall Station now.
    They were the best, we always stopped on our way home from surfing.

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