Dental Surgeon – Bankstown, NSW


Don’t sit down – no long or in-depth story this time. Just a gentle reminder of the sort of shape a past life can sometimes take.


For those who fled South Vietnam to escape the rule of the Vietnamese People’s Army, today’s Ho Chi Minh City will always be Saigon.

No, it’s not a name like Ceylon that’s entirely out of time, but it’s use here shows that for some people, letting go of their past…


…is like pulling teeth.

4 responses

  1. My father worked for Timbrols/Union Carbide from 1942 until he retired I was very small But I remember his smelly overalls until they provided them. I believe they made agent orange later. I often wonder why he did not go to WW2 all that was said that he had a “no 1 priority job” eg making bombs. “Dioxin”

  2. Pretty sure this dentist office was the old CES building

  3. I too remember this as the CES office as far back as 1981 when I was able to walk in and get a Uni summer job unloading meat trucks at Presto in Greenacre – no interview and all you could eat process meat sandwiches at work.

  4. Was this building around in 1950’S ?

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