Harvey’s Fashion House/U-Turn Recycled Fashion – Marrickville, NSW

Never one to let anything vintage go to waste, Marrickville’s hipster cred has earned the suburb its fair share of op shops and vintage recyclers. That doesn’t always extend to clothing and furniture, though. IMG_8642

U-Turn Recycled Fashion is definitely one of the hippest (does saying that make me painfully unhip? Be honest, I’ve been prepared for that outcome for awhile now.) outlets for vintage clothing Marrickville has to offer, and in a stroke of luck for me, it’s either not shy about or too lazy to disguise the retailer it recycled.

Given the ultra-70s font, there’s a good chance that some fashion that was sold new at Harvey’s Fashion House is now being sold second hand by U-Turn. The very presumptuous Harvey sported this slogan: “The Best Shop For You!” How would you know, Harvey? Do you know me? How do you know I’m not an alcoholic, and the LiquorLand isn’t the best shop for me? Then again, if I were an alcoholic, Harvey recommending his own shop to me is just him lending a helping hand to someone clearly in need and keeping me on the wagon. Thanks, Harvey, I guess I had you all wrong.

If we dig even deeper…

Sydney Morning Herald, 12 Feb 1938

Sydney Morning Herald, 12 Feb 1938

…we can deduce that at some point after 1938, this place finally grew into a full shop. I wonder if U-Turn’s got any 30s hosiery?

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