Corner shop/Mortgage Industry Association of Australia/Residential – Earlwood, NSW

Unlike a lot of places featured here on Past/Lives, this corner shop has had some real effort put into it to try to disguise its past. Reader Jill believes that her parents ran a corner shop along Riverview Road, Earlwood in 1956, and given a lack of extant corner shops, this could be it. Of course, it’s undergone a few changes: the shopfront facing the main road has been noticeably bricked up, and the colour scheme makes it look like the Joker’s hideout, but it’s still easily recognisable as a corner shop.

Also noteworthy: this address was once home to the jokers of the Mortgage Industry Association of Australia, which is apparently now defunct. These days, it’s clearly just someone’s house, a house on which they probably have a mortgage. Unless it really is the Joker’s house. He wouldn’t have a mortgage, that guy’s rich.

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  1. Jill Hawksworth | Reply

    hi michael – strangely enough i came to the same conclusion as you. this could be my parents corner shop. im now searching to see if i can find any old pics of the shop when it was a miaa office. thank you for posting your seach results on here. i wonder if anyone remembers when it was a corner shop? regards Jill

  2. hi michael – ive been searching for any old pics of the above when it was a miaa office. can you help me at all? just wondered where you found out that info? regards Jill

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