Homestead Golden Chicken/Chicken Express/Laytani Cafe – Enfield, NSW

The owners of the Laytani Cafe in Enfield informed me that before they moved in three years ago, this address was a Chicken Express. I’m sure it was, but it was definitely another Homestead Chicken location as well. How can I be so sure?

The driveway retains the green paint scheme used by both Chicken Express and Homestead Chicken, so I’ll admit it’s not the most definitive evidence…but this is:

SMH, Oct 4 1973.

5 responses

  1. Good ol’ Homestead Chicken. I lived half a dozen houses up the road. Believe it or not but back in its day that car park used to get full. And we’ve been paying the price of heart disease ever since…

  2. “attractive young lady”? I’ll have to bookmark this one!

  3. Yes, it was Homestead in the 70s-80s – I remember going there. Later on in the early 2000s it was Pizza King for a little while as well.

    1. That’s right. Pizza King had originally been located a couple streets away, corner of Plymouth St and Coronation Parade. They made good pizzas, and were nice people too. I had forgotten that it shifted to the old Chicken Express spot for a while. I miss both of them.

  4. I was last there in September 1989. Homestead Chicken was a familiar sight along that stretch of road back in the day.

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