The Sandwich Shop/nothing – Enfield, NSW

This shop is straight up creepy. The ye-olde Englishe font, the extreme dilapidation, the offputting warning of ‘NO TOYS’ graffiti’d on the shopfront…

I’ve not seen this place open once in 20 years. Creepy. It has that weird grassy patch next to it. Creepy. That chilling dull red bin? CREEPY. This guy:


Mildly unsettling.

11 responses

  1. If you think it’s creepy on the outside…

    1. Why, what’s inside?

      1. Lots of decay. Lots of history. Empty. Poor light. You could easily imagine what it was at one time. Mixture of fascination, nostalgia and creepiness.

        From memory I only lasted a few minutes before I felt compelled to get out.

      2. Without incriminating yourself too much, how’d you get in?

    2. I’m trying to work out in my head where this place is? I grew up in Croydon Park and Enfield, and I know I’ve seen it before, but I can’t for the life of me work it out.

      1. Dean Street in South Strathfield, although it may no longer be there…

      2. It was one of the places I was thinking. And yeah, it’s gone. Quite unfortunately. Thank you for your help. I’d sent you an e-mail aswell that I guess you can disregard.

      3. At least we all have a permanent reminder of how scummy Dean Street used to be in the skeezy old days.

      4. Oh hell yeah, I love the photos you took. Going through previous years via Google Maps, it just kept dilapidating until 2018, after which it disappears. Though, here is a 2007 image, and it looks like it may have been open at the time. Or, someone just putting a coat of paint on the wall for the hell of it.

      5. I just wish I’d gone inside!

  2. I grew up around time this was a fully functional shop. Great for 1 cent lollies in the 80s. Best pies ever eaten were from there. Great for Dunlop industrial estate in those days.
    Shame to see it in this condition

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