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Motorcycle Spares & Accessories/Master Bookkeeping – Homebush, NSW

Two doors up from the former tattoo parlour, opposite the intersection of Underwood and Parramatta Roads, is this bookkeeping establishment. In rowdier days, it was clearly a motorcycle accessories and spares outlet. This not only strengthens my theory about the area being a bikie hotbed, but proves that whoever replaced the bikie-themed shops went way overboard in approving anti-bikie businesses for tenancy. Or did they? Bikies need bookkeeping too. What do you think the B in MYOB stands for?

Ray White Real Estate/Car Wash – Bankstown, NSW

Ray White, Bankstown. It looks a little…unusual, doesn’t it? Like it could have been a Pizza Hut, or some other kind of fast food restaurant? Well, you’re right. There IS something strange about this Ray White…

It’s the only real estate agent with a car wash and a lube bay.